Want to contribute? Have a story you’ll like to share?

That’s great! We want to you to hear from you!!

Please do write your story/testimony and send it in an email to It can be about anything really – just let the Holy Spirit guide you. And we are convinced that the spirit of perfection will work wonders through you.

Have questions? We have tried to answer a number of frequently asked questions (faqs) below. However, if we haven’t addressed your concerns, please do not hesitate to send us an email at or via social media.

I am not a writer. How do I organize my story?

We aren’t particularly interested in your prowess with regards writing. It is more important to read and know what Christ has done for you. Be authentic and be honest. Don’t try to sugar-coat (or downplay) the truth; just write it the way it happened.

To aid, you can use this as a guide:

  • What happened before the experience?
  • What was the experience?
  • How has life been after the experience?
  • Any lessons?

We encourage you to do this today? There isn’t any reason to hold back. After sharing, you will have something that God can take and use for his glory. We will publish when we receive it.