“Trust me and everything will play out well”

The above were God’s words to me in April 2017 when I was about to start writing my fast-selling book – “SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED”, popularly known as the SFF book. Prior to this, I had struggled so hard to kick-start the writing of the book; even coming up with a workable sketch outline was tough. So on this particular night in April, in despair, I cried out to God to please help me birth this book He had placed in my heart, as it was crystal clear that I couldn’t do it on my own; and He answered. That was the night He spoke these words to my spirit: “Trust me and everything will play out well”. I am where I am today because God kept His promise.

Now, this does not mean that everything went on smoothly after that night. Far from it. There were still some tough challenges – physical, mental, financial and emotional. However whenever each came, I went back to God to remind Him of His promise. On 30th June 2017 when my fears and doubts were almost swallowing up my faith, I went back to God with lots of questions and He re-assured me with this: “trust me and everything will fall in place.” And I just rested on it, amidst the pending things that wanted to overwhelm my trust in God. Today, I testify that everything He promised, He made it come true. Some of them are still panning out even as I continue to listen and obey Him.

You see, when God gives us a word, as the Promise Keeper, He is set to keep His word.

However, we have an active role to play, for God’s word to come to pass – be it to birth a dream, solve a problem, lead an army, or whatever it is that God has given us a word for.
Below, I share applicable steps to take, to make God’s word come true for you.
When God gives you a word:

1. Believe it! I know this sounds like common sense, but often when God gives us a word, it doesn’t sound like a logical thing to do, so we doubt Him. However, the first step to seeing the manifestation of God’s word in your life is to BELIEVE HIM TOTALLY. Just like Mary, let our sincere reply be: “Be it unto me according to your word” (Luke 1:38)

2. Pray with the word. God watches over His word to perform them and He loves it when we remind Him of His word. Find scriptures that back up the promise and pray with them as well. In the case of the SFF book, I used Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 25:1-3.

3. As often as possible, confess God’s word to you in the present (continuous) tense.
Here is my example, using the SFF book: The SFF book is a reality. Its message is spreading to the ends of the earth. It is renewing minds about what singlehood and marriage is really about. It is bringing me before kings and nobles, and ultimately, it is bringing Glory to my Father in heaven and establishing His Kingdom here on earth.

4. When doubts assail, don’t relent. Understand that it is the devil’s tactics to distract you and prevent you from receiving the manifestation of God’s word. Hence, rebuke the voice of the devil, continuously remind God of His word and thank Him that it is settled in Heaven already. And yes, continuously remind yourself of God’s word and dance to its fulfilment in faith.

5. Don’t go alone. This is one of the best advice I’ve ever received and I got it from my sister-friend, Hephzibah Frances. Always have Christian friends who are praying along with you, who you can share the vision and idea with and be encouraged. Remember, one will chase a thousand, but two will chase ten thousands. This is not applicable only in marriage, it is an everyday life principle. When you go alone, you will weary easily and achieve very little.

6. Thank God in advance.
I know I have mentioned thanksgiving in one of the points above, but this is very critical. When God gives you a word, thank Him in advance that it is done, and if you can, attach a thanksgiving seed to it. I did that for the birthing of the SFF book and for the SFF live Masterclass held in Abuja in February 2018. No, I didn’t have all the funds. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have upto 10% of the funds needed. But I sowed a Thanksgiving seed and through it, the rest fell in place.

7. Obey divine instructions.
I think this is where a lot of Christians sleep on a long thing. When God gives you a word, it is often followed up with instructions which He requires you to obey for His word to come true. A lot of us are good with the prayers, confessions, faith and thanksgiving part, but we are so lazy to put in the required work. Sorry to burst your bubble if you expect me not to mention work. The work aspect cannot be overlooked.
When God gives you a word, WORK is required. You will put in spiritual work, physical work, mental work, social work and every other work that that assignment requires. So it is not enough to remind God of His word, if you are not prepared to obey His instructions to work.
In writing and promoting the SFF Book, I had to take courses to help me write better, become more informed and influential in my use of Social media; I had to take courses on Emotional Intelligence, financial wisdom etc.; I had to go out and interact more with people, left to me, I can stay in my room a whole month without going out, but that had to change. More importantly, I had to learn to sit and listen to what God would have me do per time.

So there you have it, the secrets behind the success of the SFF Movement – the SFF Vision, the SFF book, the SFF Masterclasses, the SFF Community and every other area of my life.

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ChinyereDistinguished Lydia Anoke is the author of the fast-selling book "SINGLE, FRUITFUL, FULFILLED", a book that addresses most of the challenges/questions in the heart of singles, and empowers them to live a whole and productive life. After publishing the SFF book, she has gone ahead to host SFF Masterclasses – a quarterly gathering of singles (online or offline) where they network, learn, refresh and are equipped with the right tools that enable them live out fruitful and fulfilled lives regardless of any odd. ChinyereDistinguished is an intentional young lady with a burning desire to live out all that God has deposited in her for the benefit of mankind and ultimately for His Glory. Through her numerous write-ups on different platforms - blogs, social media and books, she is able to fulfill her passion of helping young adults to overcome self-limiting doubts, take full responsibility for their decisions, and hence, live a life of Excellence without limits. She is also a sought after Speaker especially on topics relating to singlehood, self and purpose discovery, personal development, writing, and the likes. Professionally, she is an astute editor and a sought-after content developer.