Let the Bells Ring


Let the bell ring
Let the truth dance in our hearts
The difference between success and failure are the echoes of what we know or fail to know
let the bell ring…………
Our zero to adults are not sex toys
Neither instruments for depraved minds.

What if we tell our sons that true strength lies in integrity?
What if we tell our daughters beauty transcends beyond the outward adornment?
What if we tell them about treating their precious bodies with dignity?
What if we tell them the future is now?
Every decision and action will breathe into the future.
Let the bell ring
Let the drums of truth be rolled out
Can we hold their hands as the cross the highway of youthfulness
Our young should not be neglected to the piercing embrace of the media nor the banging lure of peer pressure.
Have we sowed the seeds in our garden that will blossom into credible adults tommorow?
Can we let our daughters know that their bodies are not laboratories for sexual escapades
Can we help the abused, the molested, the raped, instead of hush them to silence.

When are young are molested
Society is molested
When our young are raped society is raped of decency and modesty
Let’s change the narrative
For us
For our seed
For if our young are hurting then society hurts real bad.
Let the bell ring
Let the drums of truth be rolled out.