Conversations with Aunt Salt: What Kind of ‘Yeiwoman’ Are You?


Hello there! My name is Salt and it is a pleasure to be here with you today.

I waited for about five days to hear a word for you all and I was so excited when, today, I got it. I pray it blesses you by getting you to think.

May I ask you a simple question about your Faith Status? Looking at your Christian walk as a Yeiwoman. Do you think you are operating with Head Faith or Heart Faith?

It’s OK, you don’t need to answer right away. Let me try to draw a simple picture of both kinds of faith then you can see where you stand.

A Yeiwoman with ‘Head Faith’ will be one that:

  • Has the seed of the Word of God because she reads her Bible; she knows God’s promises and keeps God’s word close to her mouth. The seeds of the Word are in her hand.Knows God’s promises and believes His word but still tries to figure out how He will do what He has promised to do; she tries to make sense of his plans. To reason things out.
  • Is always fine and on ‘Jesus High’ as long as everything is going well but the moment it appears like ‘the storm is blowing hard’ again or plans are not working out, she stumbles.
  • Has a Faith that has no staying power. The longer the manifestation of God’s promises take, the weaker her faith becomes.

On the other hand, a Yeiwoman who possesses ‘Heart Faith’ :

  • Also has the seed of God’s Word in her hands because she reads her Bible but she has taken the time to think on them, meditate on them thereby pushing them deep into the soil of her heart.
  • Embraces and claims God’s Word for her situation 100%.
  • Casts down any thought that tries to undermine God’s promises to her.
  • Operates with a faith that is constant, steadfast and resolute regardless of how long the promise takes. She keeps her eyes firmly fixed on Jesus Christ and never on the ‘winds and waves’ all around.

Now, the question is not which one are you? It is which one would you rather be? A Yeiwoman with Heart Faith, right? Me too. Because, as basic as this seems, it is a fundamental building block for all our PapaGod is calling us to be. For, only with Heart Faith can we truly say ‘Yei’ to Him as he beckons to us to come walk on water.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have any practical, tried and tested ways we can move from Head to Heart Faith?