The God Who Cares


Many words racing on the inside
Reaching out to touch the shadows
But touching the wind.
Amen seems so hard to say,
Why! An unending anthem.
Just thought to remind you of the God who cares.

With promises of the year still fresh as flowers.
Pierces our hearts as we watch loved ones
Dance to the land of the great beyond,
Just thought to remind you to of the God who cares.

Questions unanswered racing through the mind
Why? If not? When? How?
Just thought to remind you of the one who hears the deepest sighs of our hearts.

Days of pain and joy greet us unexpectedly
He knows, he sees, he hears…..
Can’t seem to imagine why it was you.
Just thought to send whispers from the God who will hold us through it all
An unchanging Father and Friend.

The year will swing with seasons,
But his love is firm as the rocks
Friends may kiss us goodbye,He will kiss us welcome.
Just thought to sing into Your ears about the God who cares!

Unsung Heroes will still emerge….