YeiSings – Jehovah Ebenezer (by Onos)


This is a song that has brought comfort to my soul in times of despair.

As is our culture in Yeiwoman, I have shared….

The Singer is apt when she says this:

We call you Jehovah Ebenezer because you are the God who has never lost a case.
The healer in sickness
The husband to the widow
The lawyer in the court room
A very present help in the time of need
Jehovah Ebenezer – that’s who you are Jesus

(lifted from Instagram and paraphrased a bit)

Listen and be blessed



Jehovah Ebenezer 2x
Jehovah Ebenezer 2x
Lord you are my helper 2x
Lord you are my helper 2x
I will sing
To the one who’s got my back
I will sing
To the one who reigns on high
I will sing
To the everlasting king
He never fails
He never lies
He’s always there

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