We all have a story. And our stories hold so much transformative power and the ability to be an anchor for the upliftment of self and others.

We just have to be willing to tell them.

Hello and Welcome!

I am so elated that you are here. My name is Oma Martins and I am the Yeiwoman.

This platform is created to curate content on real experiences on life and faith.

Why? I have always liked stories. I enjoy just listening to people talk about themselves and their experiences. It always presents an opportunity to know more about the individual and interact with them on a deep level. I have also learnt a lot about life through these interactions.

And I am obsessed about seeing the kingdom of God propagated through our experiences. I believe that God is a constant factor throughout our lives - whether we are aware of His presence or not. So on this platform, I want to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ through the lens of our stories - I want to steer up conversations about God in the things we have been through.

I don't do this alone. I work with a gifted and committed group of volunteer contributors who believe in the Yeiwoman vision.

We have quite a bit here. We'll love for you to interact through the content on the platform. God bless you!