Hello and Welcome to Yei!

Do you know you are God’s perfect creation made for an extraordinary purpose? We believe that you are extraordinary and that is why you are here today!

What is Yei?

I occasionally get that question when I share my vision with people. Yei is a Japanese word and it means ‘Flourishing’. When I think about flourishing, the words of known author, Michelle Hammond come into mind:

Life is a journey, some of us are fortunate to find directions, others shuttle about, hoping that gusts of wind will transport them there. No matter the mode of transportation, our individual journey’s molds us along the way, making us fit for the purpose ahead.

I think these words brilliantly describe the essence of Yei. We are all wonderful vessels molded for unique purposes and our journey to self realization vary greatly. Some of us are lucky to have the guidance that makes this journey relatively straight forward and the rest…well, they just have to figure it out themselves.

Yei is a platform that aims to provide an environment that fosters the provision ‘God-centered’ guidance and direction through the stories of others. In simple terms, it is where the dreams of our women are encouraged, the truth is told, stories are shared but most of all, where God’s word is made applicable in the lives of young women.

What we believe in Yei…

We believe that contrary to popular belief that experience is the best teacher, God is the best teacher and the answers to ALL life’s questions are engraved in his word made available to all men (the Bible). However, from the experiences of others, we can learn how to apply these principles in the Bible….and somehow, practicability helps the learning process, doesn’t it ;) .

Our vision for Nigeria

Our vision for Nigeria is a generation of women who understand their God-given purpose and are equipped with the skills and information to bring this purpose to fruition.

So….we employ that you watch this space, contribute with your comments, share this link with friends and colleagues and most of all, remember that YOU are beautifully and wonderfully created.